Node scoring


Do not manually instantiate this class using the class constructor. Instantiate the class using the method noesis.Noesis.create_node_scorer().

class noesis.nodes.NodeScorer(scorer, *args)

This class implements the interface for node scorers. These algorithms compute a score for each node according to certain specific rules.

  • scorer (string) – Technique used to compute node scores. Currently supported techniques are ‘AdjustedBetweenness’, ‘AdjustedCloseness’, ‘AveragePathLength’, ‘Betweenness’, ‘BetweennessScore’, ‘Closeness’, ‘ClusteringCoefficient’, ‘ConnectedComponents’, ‘Decay’, ‘Degree’, ‘DegreeAssortativity’, ‘DiffusionCentrality’, ‘Eccentricity’, ‘EigenvectorCentrality’, ‘FreemanBetweenness’, ‘HITS’, ‘InDegree’, ‘KatzCentrality’, ‘LinkBetweenness’, ‘LinkBetweennessScore’, ‘LinkEmbeddedness’, ‘LinkNeighborhoodOverlap’, ‘LinkNeighborhoodSize’, ‘LinkRays’, ‘NormalizedBetweenness’, ‘NormalizedDecay’, ‘NormalizedDegree’, ‘NormalizedInDegree’, ‘NormalizedOutDegree’, ‘OutDegree’, ‘PageRank’, ‘PathLength’, and ‘UnbiasedDegreeAssortativity’.
  • args (parameters) – Parameters for the node scorer. These parameters are specific for each node scorer and more details are provided in NOESIS documentation.

Compute scores for each node in a given network.

Parameters:network (Network) – Network for which the node scores will be computed.
Returns:scores – Vector of scores for each node.
Return type:ndarray, shape (num_nodes,)