Network formation models


Do not manually instantiate this class using the class constructor. Instantiate the class using the method noesis.Noesis.create_network_from_model().

class noesis.models.NetworkModel(model, *args)

This class implements the interface for network models, allowing to instantiate a network given a network formation model.

  • model (string) – Network formation model used to generate the network. Currently supported models are ‘ErdosRenyi’, ‘BarabasiAlbert’, ‘WattsStrogatz’, ‘Gilbert’, ‘PriceCitation’, ‘AnchoredRandom’, ‘ConnectedRandom’, ‘Complete’, ‘BinaryTree’, ‘Hypercube’, ‘Isolate’, ‘Mesh’, ‘Ring’, ‘Star’, ‘Tandem’, and ‘Toroidal’.
  • args (parameters) – Parameters the for network formation model. These parameters are specific for each network formation model and more details are provided in NOESIS documentation.